Hello all! I'm Garreth Strife. I share this lovely ask blog with Mr. Zackary Fair and our small husky companion, Apollo. Feel free to stay and chat. I'd say we're a pretty friendly group. Oh! Be sure to say hello to my son Cloud too! He runs the AskShadowCloud blog http://askshadowcloud.tumblr.com/ . Perhaps you could give him a big hello!
((OOC: This is an Alt. Kingdom Hearts universe related blog in cahoots with AskShadowCloud. Garreth Strife is a fancharacter created by this here blog owner, so please don't try to claim him for your own. He'd be a very upset paladin if you did. Garreth is meant to be Cloud's father (to Shadow Cloud specifically). I do not expect anyone to consider him as such however. I suppose he's best thought of as an Alt!Universe character for folks who don't like the idea. If you're curious about the gang, please ask away. Just be sure to tag askpaladinandpuppies so i don't miss you!))
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It’s…a painful story. I use it to hide my eye. It’s quite messed up underneath. I honestly can’t see anything with it anymore…call it a stroke of shame. I’m quite disgusted with this old injury. To sum it up, a Heartless gouged my face and struck my eye. That beast is the same reason I have a scar on my cheek…..it…it was the same Heartless who vanquished my wife. She died in front of me, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do. I was weak and weaponless from years of imprisonment. Thanks to the Heartless attack on Radiant Garden, the wall to my cell ended up smashed in enough for me to escape through a hole. If only I’d been able to get out faster…

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